Friday, October 5, 2012

Poor Dad, Currently, Shout out Giveaways

This has been one heck of a week. Let me tell you. My dear sweet dad got his by a car while crossing the street on Thursday. He is OK, just a few facial fractures and a very ugly black eye but no life threatening injuries. Praise GOD!!! The cops that came to the scene told him he needed to buy a lottery ticket because he was so lucky to walk away from it like he did. 

On a lighter note, my conferences went very well last night.  At our school we have conferences on Thursday and have Friday off.   On Thursday we had school half a day with students.  They left around 12 and then we had until 3 pm to get ready for conferences.  They lasted from 3-8.  Mine were finished around 7:30.   

I keep putting off getting my laminator and I really don't know why.  I plan on using some of my Scholastic points to get one but I just haven't done it yet.
I'm completely out of color in both my printers:(  The Hubs keeps complaining that I use it all but I'm the one buying it.  Isn't that the whole reason behind having a color printer to print things in color.  Go figure.  He needs to get with the program here;)
My poor hair has been neglected for long enough.  I really need a hair cut and then color all the gray.  I'm thinking I need an all about me day.  What do you think?  I think I deserve it after this week.
I just put out my Halloween/Fall books for my kiddos to look through and Cinderella Skeleton was a big hit as soon as it hit the book shelf.  They couldn't wait to hear the story.  It is such a good story for learning about describing words.  The story is written in a poem and it really is cute.  I plan on having my kiddos comparing it to the regular Cinderella story.  What was so cute was that several of my kiddos came to conferences and were excited to show their parents this book.  If it is in the Scholastic order form for October I'm sure it will be bought by several:)


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