Sunday, September 30, 2012

Reading Street games

This weekend I worked on some math students booklets.  I finally finished my addition booklet and I really like it.  I think my kiddos will like it too.  Here it is if your interested.

I started revising my subtraction booklet and let me tell you math is not my thing.  I have that thing all messed up.  Luckily for me Barbara @ First Grade Delight is helping me by looking it over and pointing out my mistakes.  I don't think she realized how bad I was at math until she looked over this thing.  So anyway after looking at it I decided to go back to something I feel more comfortable with ... Reading. 

At my school we have Reading Street and I like it fine.  I have made up a few little games for my kiddos to play on Fridays during centers to review the skill we had learned earlier that week.  I always play the game with my kiddos during guided reading time so they know what to do when they play it on Friday. 

This week we will be reading Get the Egg! and learning about short e and initial consonant blends.  I made this simple little game to go over this concept.  The idea actually came from my teacher's manual.  The game is Cracked Eggs and it reviews both the short e and initial consonant blends.  Students piece together cracked eggs to make short e or initial consonant blends words.
Students then record their words on the included recording sheets.

This game comes with 18 short e cracked egg puzzles and 18 initial consonant blends cracked egg puzzles.
On recording sheet for the short e words and one recording sheet for the initial consonant blends words. 
It's actually 2 puzzle games.  It's available at both my TpT and TN stores for only $1.50. 

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