Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Fry's third 100 sight words

Whew! I just finished my new sight word pack using Fry's third 100 sight words.  I know your all wondering what about the second 100 words.  Well I have started that pack too but it just isn't coming along as fast as this one.  I hope to have that one finished and posted by Monday but who knows.   
I will give 2 of these bad boys away to the first 2 people to comment .  That means you will get both the teacher assessment pack and the student booklet.  You'll have everything you need to start using these  tomorrow.
Click on any of the pictures to go to my TpT store to check them out.

This packet is based on my Who Knows Their Sight word first 100 Owl pack {click here to see the owl post} (my best seller) but new pack is all about Pirates, Arrr!  I love it! 

This is a Pirate themed Teacher assessment pack with activities.

Arrr, Treasured Sight Words? {Fry’s third 100 Words} Teacher Assessment Pack and other resources include the following:

*Fry’s third 100 words-colored Pirate flashcards plus 8 blank cards to add other words to the set.
*Fry’s third 100 words- B&W flashcards plus 8 blank cards to add other words to the set.
*10 Scrambled sight word worksheets {1 for each of the 10 lists} Answers are included.
*I have …Who has..? game cards {using Fry’s third 100 words- Colored Pirate version} plus 11 extra blank cards with one being an end card to add other words to the game.
*5 different colored sight word checker boards with 64 playing pieces. {Each board has 2 list and a few from the next, ex. Board one has List 1 and List 2 and 4 words from list 3 the next board has List 3 and list 4 with 4 words from list 5 etc…}
*10 Student Take Home practice lists {1-10} plus 1 blank list to add other words to the set.
* Individual Student Record Sheets- 2 list per page- Lists 1-10 plus 1 blank record sheet to add other words to the set to be tested. These are used during testing.
*3 different Pirate themed Class Graphing Sheets for a good visual on how each student is doing over all.
*3 different Pirate themed Class Status Sheets for easy identification of students to pull for small group instruction for extra practice.
*10 Binder Covers one for each of the different components of this pack.

This Pack is priced at $8.00 but is discounted at $5.00 for now.

Also another product to go along is the Pirate Themed student sight word booklet using Fry's third 100 words can be used in centers/workstations. Students will be motivated to learn their sight words so they can earn the awards cards that follow each list.
This booklet is priced at $4.00 but discounted at $2.00 for now.

This booklet contains:
*2 boys and 2 girls covers {In a choice of color or B & W with the option that
students can color their own covers to look like
*10 different word lists {each containing 10 of
Fry’s third 100 words.}
*10 awards for mastering each list
*1 Completion award {I know all 100 words}

I'd love to know what you all think about them. 

Have a great rest of the day!!
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