Sunday, September 16, 2012

Crazy Weekend + Fry's 2nd 100 words + 2 to give away

I have had one crazy weekend.  First my firsties were so wild on Friday it was crazy.  Then I get home and the next door neighbor's kid hits my 6 year old daughter in the eye with a baseball then tells her not to tell on him. 

My poor baby! What a black eye!

Then lastly some weirdo comes up and sits on our front porch and proceeds to pester us until he finally leaves about 20 min later.  It was very clear that he was tripping out on something.  Later the next day I find out that he was arrested for wanton endangerment and they are trying to bring up charges of sexual assault.  He was also trying to give Heroin out to some of the boys in the neighborhood too!  Are you kidding me?  My kids were around this guy.  Of course the Hubs was out there too making sure he stayed away from our kids and just watching him.  Hubs thought he was funny.  I wanted to call the cops myself but he really wasn't doing anything but talking to the neighbors so I didn't.  I'm glad someone else did!!

So anyway I finished my Bee Theme Student Sight Word Booklet {using Fry's 2nd 100 words}.  I really wanted some cute tweet birds but never could find what I was really wanting so I went with the cute bee and bee hive from the pond.  I love Mel's clip art and I'm very pleased with it now.  I'm still working on the teacher assessment pack to go with it.  I just can't seem to get that one finished.  I would however love to give 2 of my bee sight word booklets away to the first 2 people to comment below.  Please leave your e-mail too:) so I can send it! 

This booklet is available at both my TpT store and my New Teachers Notebook store.  It is $4.00 at both but it is on sale 20% off at TeachersNotebook to Celebrate my Grand Opening.

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