Wednesday, September 26, 2012

An Apple Kind of Day

Do you know whose birthday it was today???  If your a teacher you sure do, John Chapman or better known as Johnny Appleseed.  So today we did everything the apple way.  We read apple stories, did apple math, watched a Johnny Appleseed movie and learned about apple trees.  We were really busy and having a great time all day long.  Here are a few pictures of what we did today.

Sorry the picture is sideways:( Anyway we sang this song, Do you know the  the Apple man?  I'm not sure where it came from but I have been using it for 8 years now.  If you know who wrote it or made this worksheet let me know so I can give credit.
 Natalee Appleseed here at her desk.  We made pot hats to wear.  Don't worry this little Appleseed is my very own;)

We colored and sequenced the apple cards and then went back and labeled them the correct ordinal number. 
We also labeled an apple tree from Julie Gesin from her FREE Apples and the Common Core Pack.  This pack it full of great things to do with your kiddos.  We will be writing apple recipes on Friday.  Click the picture to go to her store to get a free copy. 
Apples and the Common Core
We are so excited about tomorrow.  We are going on our very first field trip to Huber's Farm in Starlight Indiana.  This place is awesome!!  We will get to do all kinds of things at this place like listen to Johnny Appleseed's story from him, learn about how they take care of their apple trees, pick apples and pick a pumpkin.  We also get to go on a wagon ride to the orchard and pumpkin patch.  We can't wait.  We just hope there will be no rain. 
Hope you had as great a day as we did.  How did you celebrate?  I'd love to add your ideas to my list for next year.  

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