Thursday, August 23, 2012

Sight Words

 This year I decided to do something different with my sight words .  I usually use the Dolch Sight Word Kit from The School Bell.  I loved it! The students loved it! So why would I change you ask?  Well, I decided that I wanted to use Fry's version of sight words.  I like how Fry has the words numbered (ranked) by how often they are seen in text.  So I decided to make my own Fry Sight Word Pack and I am finally finished.  I am so excited to start using it this year.  I will be using my Student Sight Word Booklet for the students to have at their desk to practice.  I will also be using My Who Knows Their Sight Words: Teacher Assessment Pack and activities to test students and keep an eye on how the class is doing overall. 

I will use this sheet to record the student names under
the list they are currently working on.  This will allow
me to pull groups of students quickly to help with sight words.
I will use these list to test individual students.  I will write the date above the column and check the words students know.  They will need to know all 10 words before going on to the next list.
This is one of the 10 color by sight word pictures.

I will use a highlighter to color in the number of the
list the student knows so I can see at a glance
how the class compares.


Here are a few of the things included in the Teacher assessment pack.


These are other items included in the pack. There are 10 word
searches and answer keys and an I have...Who has..? game too!

These are part of the Student Sight Word Booklet!
 I will give 1 FREE of each to the first 2 to leave a comment and their e-mail below.  I would love your feedback on both products.  They are both available at my TpT store now Click on the pictures to go there.  The Who Knows Their Sight Words Teacher Assessment Pack is priced at $8 but is discounted to $5 right now.  The Student Sight Word Booklet is $4. 

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