Friday, August 3, 2012

August Currently

Wow my summer is just about gone and I'm not ready. 
Meet your teacher is Sunday August 12.
Monday, August 13 is Business Day where we get together and go over the up coming year and schedules.
Tuesday, August 14 is a classroom preparation day and meetings.
Wednesday, August 15 is the first day of school with the kiddos.  So far I still have 26 kiddos {8 girls and 18 boys}.  I'm starting to get excited but I'm still no where near ready. 
OK so anyway I'm linking up for the August Currently.  If you haven't linked up you should check it out.
Oh' boy fourth grade
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P.S. I hope to have my 102 follower giveaway set up and going on Monday.  Check back soon!!

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