Wednesday, July 25, 2012

School Supplies Surprise

Who doesn't LOVE school supplies? I can't get enough of them.  OK so I see a lot of great blogs that are asked to review wonderful products from different stores and sites and I'm jealous.  I would so love that job.  Well maybe someday I'll get lucky.  But for now I can just pretend that I have been asked to review these products that were sent to me my Principal and got lost in the shuffle of everyday school until now when I was asked it I wanted them.  Do bees make honey? yes.  Do squirrles eat nuts? yes.  Do I want FREE school supplies?  YES, YES, YES!!!!!!!    

So I took the box home and look what I got.  The box was full of name brand school supplies.  The company that sent these awesome supplies is called EduKit and this is how it works.
The teacher makes a supply list and EduKit makes a kit with the items to offer it to parents.  Parent don't have to worry about if they bought everything their child needs because it is ALL in their kit.  It sounds like a great product and an easy way for busy parents to make sure their child has everything they need.  All the items in my kit were name brands like: Crayola, Mead, Fiskars, Ticonderoga pencils, and Avery.  They also offer value options supplies too to help reduce costs.  When my oldest bee was in Kinderagden we did this at her school.  On the first day of school all her supplies were on her desk waiting for her.  Here is EduKit's website if you want to check them out. {click here}

Does your school offer something like this? I would love to know what you think about it, pros & cons.

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