Friday, July 13, 2012

Fun Easy Cheep Center Ideas and Another Award

I was thinking today about some fun yet educational things I did with my kiddos last year that I will do this year.  Maybe you already know about these but I love doing these activities at the beginning of the year and thought I would post about them anyway.

1. Play-Doh- each year I give or let them choose a Play-Doh for their desk.  I usually get the small ones because I can get 20 and the toys for about $10 and they don't take up too much room in their desk.  I use this on the first day of school.  This gives the kids something to do and helps break the ice in my room.  At first I let them just play with the stuff and then have them make letters out it and then use it to make words. 

2. Shaving Cream- I love this stuff.  I get mine at the Dollar Store and the kids are begging to do this all the time.  We use this with spelling word practice and it cleans the desk and makes the room smell good too.  That is a big + in my book!!

Littlest bee and Middle bee helping me out with pics:)

3. Q-tip writing- I didn't do this last year because I didn't have any chalkboard to use but I might get some of those little chalkboards and add this to the writing or word work center.  The kiddos use Q-tips dipped in a little water and write on the chalkboards.  The writing shows up when wet and then disappears.  The year I did this the kids loved it but the next year our school covered the blackboards with dry-erase boards.  Sorry no pic.  I think this was an idea from Dr. Jean.
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