Sunday, July 29, 2012

First Day Jitters Bog Hop

First Day Jitters

I'm linking up with Ashley over @ Fierce in Fourth.  She is hosting a First Day Jitters Blog Hop where you share three things you are jittery about for this upcoming school year.  First of all I have to say that I love this book.  I read it every year to my firsties. 

First Day Jitters
OK so here are my 3 Jitters:
 1. Even though this will be my 8th year teaching 1st grade it always feels like the first time.  I have all those new cute little faces looking at me and expecting me to do something and to make it fun so they enjoy what I make them do.  I mean my expectations of first grade may not be what my first graders are expecting this year. 

2.  I will have about 26-27 students this year.  WOW!! Last year I only had 11 kiddos.  I was able to give a lot of one-on-one time to all my kids because there wasn't that many of them.  This year I will have an almost full-time par educator.  I'm so happy she will be in my classroom this year.  She was my para educator my first few years teaching too.  I really love her and we get along great.  But this will be my biggest class yet.  Before this year my biggest was 23 and that was my first year teaching. 

3.  MY very own daughter will be one of those cute new little faces looking at me this year.  Our school only has one class for each grade.  So she can't be moved to another classroom because there isn't one.  I'm nervous about parents thinking that I give her special attention or that she isn't expected to do the same things their kiddos are expected.  This isn't really a problem in my eyes because I will be expecting her to be doing more but it is a concern that this might be running through my parents' minds. 

So there are my first day jitters, what are yours?

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