Sunday, July 8, 2012

Classroom Management Chants/Rules

As I was sitting here drinking my coffee hoping that when I go to Weight Watchers today the scale will magically say that I have not gained any weigh since my last visit {I'm praying that it doesn't start laughing at me.  It's been a bad 2 weeks.} I remembered a few little chants/rules that I use in my room to get the kiddos ready.  So I hopped over to my PowerPoint and made up some cutie posters of them to share. 

I use this one ALL the time.  The kiddos usually finish it for me and then wait for directions.

I have this one posted in the front of the room by my rules.

This one really cut down on the no name papers I would usually get from my kiddos.

Getting ready for the hall chant.
Helps keep hands and feet to themselves when they are sitting on the carpet area.

I hope these will help you in your classroom.  Maybe you already use these and have others that you use and would be willing to share. 

Let me know what you think. I'm still new at making these little things and would love your  honest opinion. The graphics came from the pond
These chant/rules posters are available at my TPT store for FREE  {click here} in fact everything in my store is free right now.  I'm just starting out and making things for my room and just thought I would share with you all.
 Have a great night!

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