Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Amanda over at Teaching Maddeness is having a music linky party and I Just couldn't resist any longer. I do have to admit that I don't use a lot of music in my classroom but the little that I do, I love. I am also hoping to find more music to use and incorportate into my classroom by joining this linky party.

Educational CDs
Ok so my school uses the ScottForsmen Reading Street and when we adopted the new edition a few years ago we received several CDs that went along with the books.  We have the books on CD and ALL the songs and poems that go along with the series.  I know, I know that isn't very exciting but I really do enjoy most of the songs on the CDs and my kiddos loved most of them too this past year.  The kiddos loved trying to guess the tune to the songs because they use tunes that the kids know with their songs.  My kiddos got smart and realized that at the bottom of the song chart the tune name was printed.  So I had to start covering it up so they couldn't read it before we heard the song.

We also loved Dr. Jean's songs Karate Writing, and Who Let the Letters Out.  They are on the Totally Reading CD and my kids were always asking to listen to them.  They especially liked Karate Writing. 

Totally Reading CD

Just for Fun CDs
This CD has a song for every holiday!  Big holidays and the small ones.  There is also a cute School Cheer chant that I use at the beginning of the year.

Songs I hope to Use This Year

I am totally getting some of these songs.  I heard about these songs from Kelley over at Teacher Idea Factory and guess what Ron Brown is her dad how AWESOME is that!!!!  If you haven't checked out her blog I highly recomend it.

OK so that's all I have for now.  It's suppose to be at least 100 degrees that rest of the week so I guess I'll be camping out in the backyard in the pool the next few days.  Maybe insperation in hit me and I'll start all those pintrest ideas that I want to get done.  Most likely that won't happen though, but it was a nice thought.  Don't ya think?

So link up at and tell us what music you use in your classroom.

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