Thursday, June 14, 2012

Poppin' Hot AR Readers

As I looked around my house and tried to magically summon my fairy cleaning lady with the magic word of abracadabra, I realized it wasn’t going to work and I would have to clean my house myself.  So I decided to blog instead.  Please, tell me I’m not the only one that does this!  Any whoo, I was thinking about a supplement reading program that I have at my school and decided to post about it.  At my school we have a program called Accelerated Reader {aka AR}.  I have to say that I am a huge fan of this program and my firsties love it too and last year I changed out all of my classroom library books to AR books.  Anyway, if you are not familiar with AR it is basically where the kids choose a book within their reading ability to read.  Once they have read the story they then take a comprehension quiz on the computer.  Their parents get an e-mail letting them know that their child has taken a quiz and the score they received.   The child gets instant feedback on how many questions they got right, wrong and then they are able to see which questions they got wrong, the answer they chose and the correct answer.  It also tells them how many points they earn for that book.  Most of the stories that my firsties read like Biscuit have 5 questions and are worth .5 of a point.  Some stories like Junie B. Jones have 10 questions and are worth 1 point.  I always use percentages on my bulletin boards because I don’t usually program all the students the same point amount to reach.  My high readers might have a point amount of 10-12 and my lower readers might have a point amount of 5-8 to read.  To get the students reading the teachers are encouraged to have an AR bulletin board for the kids to see and help motivate them.  I had mine right outside the classroom this year.  We have trimesters at my school so I only had to change the bulletin board 3 times last year.  Unfortunately I only took pictures of my last bulletin board, Poppin’ Hot AR Readers.  Each student had a popcorn bag and every time they read to a milestone like 10%, 20%, 30%.... they received a popcorn cutout of that percentage.  Once they reached 100% they received an admit one ticket on their bag and was invited to our AR party at the end of the trimester.  This time they were reading for an ice cream sundae and movie party.  My students were so cute this year they kept asking me who had not reached their 100% so they could go read with that student to help them reach their goal.  I was so proud of them and I am happy to say everyone made it to the 100% and was invited to the party.   Some of my firsties went way beyond their goal and so I had to give smelly stickers for every 10% after reaching their 100%. 

Do you have AR at your school?  What do you do to motivate your students to read?  Well I'm off to clean house or maybe I should go lay in the pool for awhile.  It's not like the housework is going anywhere right?

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