Thursday, June 28, 2012

My classroom mess and a Mega Giveaway!!

OK can you guess what my classroom theme is.... I don't know if you can.... it might be too hard to figure out.  Let me give you a hint, my blog name and blog background are my theme.  I love bees as if you didn't already know. 

Well a few years ago the teachers on the bottom floor decided to paint their rooms.  Ok so the new 2nd grade teacher decided and them we all jumped on the painting bandwagon.  I just happened to walk in to the school over summer vacation and saw what everyone was doing.  I would have been upset if I hadn't found out.  So I went home and cried,begged,and bribed asked my husband to paint my room.  He then called his cousions and asked them to paint my room and they did.  I still to this day LOVE my room.  I have neon bright yellow walls and a black stripe that goes around the top.  They school put in drop ceilings last summer and it came down just above my stripe.  It looks amazing {if I say so myself and I do}.  Anyway the pictures below are of my room at the end of the year.  So everything is pushed up against the wall and a mess.  I also plan on changing things around this year. 

 The small blackboard is going to be covered and turned into my calander/morning meeting area. 

 Yes that is my desk and the boxes on it are empty. I don't know why I kept them.

  This is my computer area.  The flat screen use to be my teacher computer until we got laptops now it is a student computer.  My new color printer is in the middle.

 This is the back of the room.  I had this as my guided reading area.  I will have a paraeducator next year so I will be letting her have the kidney table and part of the white bookshelf.

 This is the back of the room.  If you look real close you will see that there are 11 desk back there.  Yes I had the smallest class in the school.  Next year I will have the biggest class with 26 students.  Now you know why I have to rethink my room design.

  The long table was my pet/Science table last year.  I plan on leaving it here and having my word wall on the whiteboard.  Last year my calendar was here.  Never did like it there.

This was where my classroom libarary was but I am going to put it under the small blackboard.  I also plan on having my morning meeting area there too.

 You can see my flat screen tv attached to the wall here.  We came back from Christmas break and there it was.  We didn't even know we were getting it.

You can see my number bee hives over my whiteboard.  I made them to match.  They are really cute but I need to redo them.  The sun has bleached them.

Here is a picture of my mounted projector.  It hooks up to our laptops and we are able to show things to the students on the pull down screen.  I loved this thing last year.  I litterally used it everyday.

And now for a Mega GiveAway!!!!!!!

WOW!!  500 followers I wouldn't know what to think if I had that many.  I'm just tickled pink to have the followers I do have.  You should have heard me jumping up and down and doing a dance for reaching 20.  I {Puffy Heart} each and everyone too!  OK I can tell you that I can totally understand why everyone wants to follow is has some great ideas!  If you haven't checked out her blog now is the time to do it and join the Mega Giveaway.  She and some fellow bloggers are giving away a slue of GREAT stuff.
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