Sunday, June 10, 2012

Here Chick Chick!!

On May 13 our first baby chick started its journey of beginning to hatch.  It didn't hatch fully until Monday and it was out before we got to school.  The kids were so excited to see the little red chick when they came in to the classroom.  We noticed a very small hole on another egg and hoped that we would be able to see a chick hatch before for the end of the day.  I kept telling the kids that it would probably take all day for the chick to hatch and that if we were lucky it would be hatched before school was out.  Well that little chick wasted no time we watched the very small hole go from small crack to fully hatched chick within 10 min.  I was so amazed along with my kiddos when it hatched before our snack break was over.  It was the cutes thing.  My kiddos kept cheering the little guy on and he must of heard them because he was not shy in coming into the world before our very excited eyes.  He was the cutes little thing! We now have one red chick and one black chick.  Unfortunately the other 5 eggs did not hatch.  Four were never even close and one the chick passed before it was able to hatch.  Poor little guy:(  Our 2 babies were taken by a local pet store where the lady has a chicken farm:)  The great news is that she is willing to give me eggs next year to hatch and willing to take our babies back again!!!  I am so happy about this for next year, I was kind of worried I wouldn't be able to do it again.
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