Friday, December 21, 2012

Winter Sale and Giveaway

(Graphics Shout Outs: KPMDoodles, Print Candee)

Second Grade Maniac is hosting a blog hop for bloggers having sales at their TpT stores.  I have to join in because who doesn't love a sale?!?!
My TpT store will be 20% off
during this sale.
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Someone has to win it might as well be you!!!!


Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Christmas Break!!!!!

Today was my last day!
It was a half day!
We watched the Polar Express.
{I need a new copy mine is scratched and kept pausing :(}
We ate snack.
Finished our parent gifts.
Then we partied until it was time to go home:)
Party game
The kids had to use only one hand to put the Santa hat on and then
take a spoon of mini marshmallows to a stocking.

Aren't they cute!
Just one of our party snacks.
Our cute parent gifts.  Hand print Santa and Rudolf with poems on the back.
Bee Wreath
One of my sweeties brought me in a bee wreath.
It matches my classroom perfectly.
Her mother made it! I think she said she found it on Pinterest.
She is so talented and she is the Library and SPD teacher.
Purple Butterfly Wreath
She also made this purple one for the 4th grade teacher.
Her room is purple and has butterflies.
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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Best Day Ever and Giveaways

Today I had my kiddos make gingerbread houses.
They kept saying this was their best day ever.
It was music to my ears.
They ate a lot of candy and made a mess but they
had a ball designing their houses.
They were so scared I wasn't going to let them
take them home today.
This is my child so I grant myself permission:) to post.

Tomorrow is our last day of school for the year.
It's only a half day too.
We get out at 12 so we will only have
time to watch The Polar Express and
have our Christmas party before we go home.
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And here are some other great Giveaways!!!!!
Alison is having a giveaway and I really want to win. 
 She is giving away $25 to TpT who wouldn't love to win that?
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Rikki is also having a giveaway. 
She is giving away a pair of cute penguin earmuffs and any packet from her store.

Monday, December 17, 2012

200 + Follower Giveaway!!!

I am so excited to have reached 200+ Followers!!
I LOVE you all and am so blessed to have you as followers and friends. 
If you aren't a follower I would love to have you as one. 

I have a great giveaway for you to enter and enjoy. 
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Classroom Friendly Supplies is donating one of their wonderful, amazing pencil sharpeners. 
I have one of these bad boys and I LOVE it!
You MUST Facebook like their page to enter my giveaway and it will be verified before the winner is announced.

I am giving a $20 gift card to Target

Andrea from Reading Toward The Stars is donating her
gingerbread beginning/ending sound match game and

Tina from Croft's Classroom is donating

Lauren from Teachermomof3 is donating

Jackie and Danielle from Sister Teachers are
donating 1 item from their TpT store.
I like the Magic Tree House Book Study Units they have and the
digital papers are super cute too!!

Kari is donating
1 item from her TpT store.
Kari has some awesome clip art.  I have a couple of them
and plan on getting the rest soon.
Gator Pizza Chomp: Greater Than, Less Than and Equal To Activities and Tools
is great looking too.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thursday, December 6, 2012

NO more Writing!!!!!! and a new center

I am tired of writing. 
My kiddos have been writing for the last 2 days.
I feel sorry for them because I made them do it, but
I'm so happy it's all over.  For now.
First we wrote our story that is going to be published into a hardbound book.
I can't wait to get them back. 
It has been such a learning experience.
A wonderful publishing company called Studentreasures
sent us a book publishing kit for FREE.
We got to write our book and illustrate it.
Now I have to send it out tomorrow so it can be
Almost all my parents ordered at least one book, so our
class will get a copy for FREE.  The best part is that
even if no one had bought a book we still
would have gotten one free.
Inside cover

We then wrote to our pen pals. 
We have pen pals in Pennsylvania and
pen pals from a school right down the road from us.
The kiddos were excited to get all this done but it
took all day for 2 days to get finished. 
My aid and I said we don't want to write anything else until next year;)
It won't happen but I sure am tired of writing. 

Here is a new little sorting center I made last weekend.  You can get it
at my TpT or TN store for $2.
I will give this center away to the first 3 people
that comment and leave an e-mail address.

sound of y: long e and long i

This center game was created to go along with the Reading Street Series Unit 3 Week 1 story An Egg is An Egg.

This center contains the following:
*directions for 2 different ways to play this game (sorting center and rolling die center)
*2 sorting mats
*18 sounds of y: long e word cards
*18 sounds of y: long i word cards
*2 y: long e recording sheets (1 for recording the long e words, 1 for writing 6 long e sentences)
*2 y: long i recording sheets (1 for recording the long i words, 1 for writing 6 long i sentences)

Even though this center was made to go along with the reading street series it would still be a great center to learn or review sounds of y: long e and long i words.


Monday, December 3, 2012

Christmas Time! {Writing and Labeling Packet} and Freebies

First, I'm working on getting a giveaway together this week for reaching over 200 followers.  Love ya all and a big thinks for sticking it out with me.  I already have several donations.  Thanks again!!!  If you would like to donate to my giveaway I'd love it.  You can e-mail me @
Second, I have been working hard this weekend creating center games for the next reader book my kiddos will be reading.  The book in the series has 6 stories in it and I try to make a simple sorting game for each one.  I am excited to say that I have all 6 games made and 2 of them up in my TN and TpT store.  The other games are made I just need to get the previews made up and that won't take long at all.  I also just finished my Christmas Time! {Writing and Labeling Packet}.  It's similar to my Thanksgiving Time! and I'm excited to start it with my kiddos. 
Click the picture to check it out:)

It's discounted at my TpT store for now. 
Christmas Time! {Writing and Labeling Packet}


Pg. 3-5 How to bake a gingerbread cookie class book cover
(color and B&W) and recipe page.

Pg. 6-11 (5 Senses writing) If I were a gingerbread boy,
gingerbread girl, reindeer, Santa, elf, and if I were
at the North Pole.

Pg. 12-17 writing prompts with lines: if I were a gingerbread
boy, gingerbread girl, reindeer, Santa, elf, and
if I were at the North Pole.

Pg. 18 My wants and needs stockings
Pg. 19-28 scrambled sentences (6 word cards for
10 complete sentences)

Pg. 29 Scrambled sentences recording sheet

Pg. 30-33 Can, Have, Are pages Elves, Reindeer, Polar Bears
and Snowmen.

Pg. 34-39 Label an elf, reindeer, Santa, gingerbread man,
snowman and Mrs. Clause.

Pg. 40-45 Label answer keys

Pg. 46-47 Thank you and credits

Last but not least click on the picture to get a sample of the items in my Christmas Packet.  Hope you enjoy:) There are 3 pages in this freebie!!!

Classroom Freebies Manic Monday

Saturday, December 1, 2012

December Currently

{Click the button to link up too!}
I'm linking up with Oh' Boy Fourth Grade.. for Farley's
December Currently. 
Where has the year gone?
 I mean seriously it's December already!
I love teaching this time of year.
The kiddos love learning this time of year too!

I'm listening to How to Train a Dragon.  My 17 yr old daughter is the
only one up right now and she is watching it. 
Love that show! 

I'm loving that it is Christmas time and that we have an elf on the shelf.
His name is Snowflake and he is a real character.
Today he was sitting on a picture in the hall with
a dry erase marker in his hand.
Mustaches were on all our pictures.
My little ones loved it:)

Thinking that I need to have a giveaway for
reaching 211 followers.  I reached 200 followers and
never had a chance to have a giveaway so I
think it is time. 

I want a new laptop.  The one I am using now is the one
my school has given the teachers.  I have so much clip art and products on
here that I'm scared I'm gong to lose it. 
If you have any suggestions on good or not good
computers I would love to know. 

I need to plan out my Christmas Around the World.
I plan on starting on Wednesday or Thursday of this week.
I have some great resources to use and I pretty much
know what I'm doing.  I just need to get it down on paper so
I'll actually follow it and have everything ready before hand.

My RAK is we are going to buy a food angel this year. 
Kroger has them and we plan on picking one up
next time we go to the grocery. 


* I would love to know what type of computer you use and if you like it.  I am going to be looking around tax time and would love any and all suggestions:) 


Sunday, November 25, 2012

Weekend OVER:( and Trim a Tree

Thanksgiving is over and I'm not looking forward to
going back to work.
I love my job but I have really
enjoyed being off these 5 days. 
Anyway there are a few things that
I am looking forward to that will help with the weekend being over.
*Walking Dead comes on tonight
love this show can't wait for Sundays
*TpT Cyber Sale tomorrow
I have filled my cart and I'm ready to start shopping
My store will be offering 20% off during this sale too!!
*I will be finishing up our Mexico unit in Social Studies and
beginning our Christmas Around the World unit in
December.  I LOVE this time of year
I use Sarah Cooley's Scrapbook for this and the kiddos
love it every year.  This year she has made up a supplement
to go with it and it's FREE.  Got to love it!  You should
Anyhoo these things make the weekend coming to an end
easier to handle and to get excited for tomorrow.  I'm also
excited to start the week off reviewing long and short vowels
with my
Trim a Tree Printables
There are 5 long vowel pages
5 short vowel pages
and answer sheets for them all.
It's only $2 but you can catch it on sale tomorrow at TpT.

What do you have in your TpT cart? 
I have lots of clip art and some great holiday
packets for December.


Saturday, November 24, 2012

Accelerated Reader Board and Christmas Coloring Book {sight word edition}

I had to share one of the amazing AR bulletin boards that my fellow teachers have made up at my school.  They are just too cute to keep to myself.  So here is the first one:
Our 4th grade teacher Mrs. Towels made up this adorable AR
board for her kiddos.
The kids get to choose a colored marshmallow for each AR point they read.  The marshmallows are kept in the snowman Ziploc baggies.  The cups have a cute snowman spoon in it too.  Once the kids reach their goal they will get a packet of hot chocolate to add to their cup.  Their AR party will be watching a movie and drinking their hot chocolate.  Here are a few close up pictures of her board.
Don't forget the HUGE SALES going on this weekend too!! 
I just finished my color by sight word Christmas coloring book. 
It uses Fry's first 100 words and would make a
great gift to give to your kiddos. 
It is available now at my TN store for 25% off. 
Click the picture to check it out at TN.

My TN store is offering 25% off along with the additional 10% that TN is offering.

My TpT store will be offering 25% off too on Monday and Tuesday!!

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