Sunday, April 13, 2014

Spring Product Swap, Giveaway and a FREEBIE

Welcome Spring!!
It has finally came to Kentucky and we sure were ready for it.
My little tree looks so cute when it is in bloom.
I just wish it would stay this way a little longer than just a week.
Brilee loved chasing after all the falling flowers.

Now that Spring has come I am so excited to tell you that some of my blogging/IG friends and I have decided to have an April product swap.  
We are swapping some of our TpT items with each other to use in our classrooms.
Then we are going to blog about them so you will see how they might work in your classroom.
Even better is that we are going to host a Winner's Choice giveaway.
You could be the lucky winner of 1 of 7 products donated from our TpT stores.
And we are going to let you choose what item you want!!!

You can enter the giveaway starting TODAY!
Click on the links below to check out my friends' blogs.
They will be telling you about the products they review too.

Here is a sneak peek at the product I'm using this week.
 I already have the journals bound and ready for tomorrow.
Sorry not sure why the pictures are sideways:(
 Technology with QR codes!!!
 Vocabulary words!
 Recording sheets with the CCSS right there in the corner.
I love that the standard are right there for me to tag in my grade book. 
Love it when that hard work is already done for me!!!!
That was just a sneak peek at some of the goodies in this pack.
There is so much more and I can't wait to start using it so I can share with you.

Classroom Freebies Manic Monday
Last but not least is a freebie!!
Here is a supplement pack that goes along with my Reading Street Simple Centers. 
It has extra recording sheets/ game boards and new puzzle recording sheets to use with both the First or Second grade versions.

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Friday, April 11, 2014

Five for Friday {2 weeks in 1} Picture Overload

Wow it's hard to believe that Spring Break has been done and over for over a week.
It was awesome and over way to quick.
I think I need another Spring Break.
Anyone want to donate their break to me???
No! I didn't think so:(
So I guess my only way to relive that wonderful week is to share some of it with you here.
I'm going to try and squeeze 2 weeks into the next 5 random spots.
That being said this is going to be a picture overload for sure.
Grab a drink, pull up a chair and sit back and relax;)

First off we go to go to Sunny Florida for Spring Break!
I had won the trip from my school through a fundraiser we were having.
We stayed at the Wyndham Reunion Resort in Orlando for the week.
So naturally we had to visit the Happiest Place on Earth Magic Kingdom.
It was my 2 littlest first time and they loved it.  
My oldest had a good time too especially because she was allowed to bring her best friend.

My son has always wanted to go to the beach.
We made a trip to Clearwater in Tampa and was amazed at all the shells we found.
We even found some that still had residents living  in them.

These birds kept dive bombing anyone that had anything to eat.
They sounded just like the birds in Finding Nemo.
Mine, Mine, Mine!!!

 She just swallowed some sea water. 
Beautiful shells were everywhere.  
This one was my favorite.

The Hubs found a sea sponge with critters living in it too.
It had washed up on the beach.  
I kept thinking what a wonderful teaching environment this would be.
It was a little cool so the girls didn't get in the water.

 These are a few pictures of the centers we used this week.
Our story was Peter's Chair by Ezra Jack Keats.
The kids really enjoyed this story and had fun with the centers too.
First up is Race to the Finish.
The kids read word cards and race around the board to the finish line.
This week the skill was compound words.

Second was Tic-Tac-Toe.
This is always a big hit.
The kids read word cards. 
If they say the words correctly they get to place an X or an O on the board.
Still working on compound words.

 Third and fourth are sight word Candy land and illustrating our spelling words.
Yep you got it.
Compound words again!!

The Tic-Tac-Toe and Race to the Finish can be found in my Reading Street Simple centers plus much more.

I am so happy to say that I finished my last bundle group of Grade 2 Reading Street Centers.
I have been meaning to finish these for a looooooooooooong time and just never got around to it.
I sweet TpT follower got me moving when she asked if I planned on finishing them.
Well now they are all finished and bundled.
I also have ALL my Grade 2 centers bundled into a HUGE complete pack.
A year of centers in one easy download.  
It is a little pricey but it has 30 centers with 5 ways to play each one.  
It's over 1000 pages long too!!
I'm currently working on a supplement pack it to go along with both the first and second grade version.
It will be a free item once it is complete.
{Hopefully this weekend I will have it posted;)}

Sneak Peek!
I am so blessed to have found and made some really A-MAZ-ING friends through blogging and IG.
I am currently working with a wonderful group of ladies on a Spring Product Swap.
I'm so lucky to be paired up with Mary from A Classroom Full of Smiles.
This is the awesome product I'm getting ready to use next week.
My kiddos have never been so excited.
They have been asking me everyday when are they going to get the butterfly journals.
I wish they were this excited about math.

Click the picture to check it out in her TpT store!!

I will be blogging more about this pack and showcasing all the fun and goodies that come with it.
So check back next week for more pictures and goodies!!

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Friday, March 28, 2014

Five for Friday

Whoo Hoo it's Friday!!
What could possibly be better?
I'll tell ya.
I'm now officially on Spring Break!!!!!
I'm linking up with the FAB-U-LOUS Doodle Bugs Teaching for 5 for Friday.
It is way randomness that follows so enjoy.

Our school has decided to adopt a new reading textbook for next year {Common Core of course}.
These are the 2 contenders for the job.
I am partial to Wonders but the 2nd grade teacher likes Journeys.
We are a Catholic School so the Catholic Identity part of Journeys is very appealing.
I think we are going to take a look over Spring Break and then come back and decide what our future holds.
If you use either of these and are willing to share your likes and dislikes please do.
We currently have Reading Street but we will not be getting the new version.
We were very disappointed with their Common Core version.
The stories were basically the same.
I need a change people!!
You can only teach Pig in a Wig so long and then who cares about those dirty pigs;)

I love getting awesome feedback like this from buyers.
Even when it's on a free item.
It just makes my heart sing!!!
Thank You!!!

My 2 littlest kiddos showing off some of their new clothes for our trip to Florida.
Yes my daughter is wearing stripes and polka dots.  
That's just the way she rolls.
We leave tomorrow night!!!!!!

I have been seeing this shirt and I NEED it.
Yes this is a NEED not a WANT:)

Today after we finished our spelling test and reading test I showed a movie.
This movie moved me to best teacher ever status.  
I wish I had taken a video of my lovelies singing.  
They were so cute and they knew every word of every song.
Just melted my heart to see them so happy.

Before I sign off for the night I just want to let you know that my little store is 20% off threw March 31st.

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