Sunday, November 6, 2016

Free Election Day Activity Book

Are you as sick as I am over this election?
I'm going to just have fun with my class this week and hope for the best.

My firsties flipped over the Halloween Activity book I made for them, so I thought why not an Election Day book!
And why not share it for FREE with all of you:)

Hope you and your students enjoy it!

Click on the picture to download the book
 Here is just one of the activities that is included.
Click on the picture to download the book

Monday, October 3, 2016

October Pinterest Pick 3

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These are just too cute!
I plan on starting this bulletin board on Monday.
Can't wait to add their little pictures under their ghost sheet:)

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Spookley is one of my very FAVORITE Halloween books.
I usually read the story and we watch the movie too.
This little craft is easy and cute enough that I might find a way to add it to the ghost picture bulletin board from above.

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Why can't I think of these ideas!
Easy, cute and kid friendly!
These would be a great early finisher or down time center.
You could even have students write a little story, poem, or sentence about their chalk image.

Check out my Pinterest Account for more ideas!

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

September Pinterest Picks: Apples!

I know September is just about over but I couldn't resist linking up with these sweet ladies.
And I wanted to show off some great apple activities that I have and will be doing with my class this week.

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We did this today and it was my students' favorite apple experiment.
They were so excited!

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We made these cute and easy apple pie in a cup too.
As always half my kiddos liked it while the other half didn't:)

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I plan on using these great math games tomorrow.
It's always a good idea to review numbers

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