Tuesday, April 5, 2016

April's Pinterest Pick 3 Party:)

Ahh April!
I LOVE this month.
It could be because Spring is really starting to show up.
Or maybe because of Spring Break,
But mostly because it's my birthday month:)
Not that I'm excited about turning another year older but I enjoy celebrating my birthday and my Hubby's birthday.  Mine is the 16th and his is the 14th.  Yep we are almost 5 years apart to the day:)
Anyway I also love joining my sweet friends for the Pinterest Pick 3 every month too.
Check out what I plan on trying with my first graders this month.

Look how much fun Earth Day will be with these wonderful arts and crafts!
My students always do so much better learning when the activities call for some creative ideas/crafts.
They LOVE to make things!
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EWW worms!
I'm not a worm kind of girl but my kiddos loved learning about worms a few years ago.
I think it's time to bring these critters back into my classroom with this group.
I'm sure they would be a hit!
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I LOVE teaching about weather during April.
The science experiments and crafts that go along with the subject are always enjoyed.
Who doesn't like making shaving cream clouds that rain!?!

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Friday, March 4, 2016

Five for Friday My Random Life

Have you been as busy as I have been lately?
This school has been one for the books for sure.
But luckily things have started to calm down and get back on track.
So without further adieu I'm ready to share some insight in to my random life;)

I just recently got a new to me desk!  
I LOVE it!!
So of course I had to get a few new things to place on it:)

The book fair came to school.
We haven't had a book fair in so many years I can't remember the last one.
It was a huge success and the kids really enjoyed it.
I'm pretty sure we will be have them from now on.

These two keep me on my feet ALL the time!
If it't not one thing it's another but I wouldn't have it any other way.

My Hubby, Archbishop Kurtz, and me:)
My wonderful Hubby has decided to become Catholic.
We have raised all 3 of our children in my religion and he has always been involved too but was never really a member.
He will be fully welcomed in to the church on Easter as he receives his sacraments and becomes an official member of our church.
I couldn't be more proud!

Seriously the weather he in Kentucky has been crazy!
No lie one day is in the 70's and the next it's below freezing and snowing.

Luckily we had a really nice day and I was able to get my class outside.
They really needed it!
Flu and strep throat has been rampant in our school so fresh air was a requirement.

Spring Break for us isn't until April 4th.
When is yours?

Thursday, March 3, 2016

March's Pinterest Pick 3!

I'm so glad to be linking up with Pawsitively TeachingInspired Owl's Corner and Just Reed to bring to you my top 3 March Pinterest Picks.
It's been a hectic year for sure but I'm always happy when I'm together enough to linkup with these sweet ladies!

I love teaching about rainbows and when science experiments are involved the kids are engaged too.

Click on photo above to see original pin.

I'm thinking this would be a really cute snack to have for my kiddos on St. Patrick's Day as we check to see if we have caught that pesky leprechaun.
Click on photo above to see original pin.

How cute and easy do these bunnies look!
I especially love the bunny in the grass:)

Click on photo above to see original pin.

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